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Technology Consulting
I hold ertifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, EC-Council, and Cisco - from desktop support to ethical hacking

Being an adaptable computer geek has earned me raises, promotions and the praises of my cowokers and clients. My value is not just in the specific skills I posess, but in being able to leverage my broad knowledge and experience to tie it all together to solve specific problems. This has also allowed me to take on interesting freelance projects that I can call mine from start to finish. It makes my tech work more informed because I know which pieces go where and how to put the puzzle together. The one question I get asked the most is "Hey Paul, can you fix my computer?" Well, yes. Some of my skills and services are listed below:

  • Mac: Expert-level knowledge through the latest Apple hardware & operating systems

  • Windows: Expert-level knowledge of all things Windows through Windows 7

  • Physical Networking: Running custom cables, punching holes in drywall and concrete, setting up switches and routers, troubleshooting exisiting networks.

  • Home & Small Office Networks: From getting you computers talking to consultation and support for setting up Active Directory infrastructures or workgroups, I have you covered.

  • Network and PC Security: As a Certified Ethical Hacker and being certified as Cisco CCNA w/ Security, I've spent a great deal of time securing networks, servers and computers. I can lock it down.

  • Software Help: Need help and one-on-one training on the latest offerings in the Adobe Createive Suite, Microsoft Office or Apple iLife/iWork apps? Give me a call.

  • Everything Else: There's a chance I know it, but if not, I know the people who do. One way or another, we can work together to solve your problems.

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